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We have a construction company, and absolutely love everyone at Neu-Lite. The team, their professionalism, and customer service is amazing. I highly recommend this company, and the owners are real beauties!”  -Sarah M.


      We had Neu-Lite install new LED light panels in our church basement, and were very pleased with their work. They arrived at the agreed upon time, and were extremely friendly and easy to work with. One of the electricians even used the vacuum cleaner to clean up the debris that fell from the ceiling as they took down the old fixtures. They totally cleaned up before they left, and took all the old tubes and fixtures with them. We were very impressed and pleased with their service to us, and would certainly contact them again for other jobs.”  -Harold S.               

This company goes above and beyond. They’re prompt, professional, they know their stuff, and they care about the community that they call home. They installed sign lights on a Friday afternoon, and made a point of coming back later that night just to ensure the lights were installed and adjusted correctly. Great service!”  Tony D.

Neu-Lite was extremely wonderful to work with; on time, prompt with questions, no hidden charges or change orders. Team was knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely on our list of preferred vendors! -Cheryl W.

Neu-Lite completed the electrical work on a 70 year old home we just renovated. They met our expectations by bringing the home into modern times. They worked with us by suggesting how to make the house meet today’s electrical requirements. They updated and added electrical to approximately 80% of the house at our direction. The electrical crew worked efficiently to meet our expectations. Once the job was complete, we had one minor glitch with the older existing electrical upstairs. We called Mike and within the same day he figured out the problem (an existing problem, not caused from their work) and fixed it for us. This team was always easy to contact and quick to respond. I highly recommend Neu-Lite Electric.”  -Charlene C. 

I had been contemplating building out the unfinished 1800 square feet of my basement. Constructing new bedrooms and a bathroom would not be an easy endeavor. However, after meeting Mike Ritz, partner of Neu-Lite Electric, I was convinced to proceed. Mike was incredibly professional. He met with me soon after I called him, and made excellent suggestions on the placement of lights, switches, and plugs, and promptly provided me with a detailed estimate. After agreeing on the specifics of his estimate, his crew arrived and performed their job to my utmost satisfaction. His crew was skilled, friendly and even handled a couple of unique wiring challenges most competently. I look forward to continuing my association with Neu-Lite Electric and strongly recommend them for any electrical projects.”  -Dieter W     


Great team of individuals who take pride in their work. The management team is is very professional and accommodating. Thank you for the great experience!  -Eadon


“Mike was great to deal with! Provided a quote to finish my basement in a timely fashion, and the price was very reasonable. The installers worked quickly, and put in an honest days work. Would definitely recommend for anyone who needs any electrical work done in Lethbridge.” -Jesse S.

Neu-Lite is very knowledgeable and well versed in the electrical trade, they will get the job done! Staff is professional and efficient. You can consider the job done after calling Neu-Lite.”  -Justin M.