Our Partnerships

In addition to our many services, we also proudly offer a variety of high quality products found below!

For any additional information, feel free to contact us!

We are a proud dealer of 4B Components Ltd. electronic products! 4B is a worldwide manufacturer of high quality, technologically advanced material handling & electronic components. 

We offer the supply & install of products such as, Hazard Monitoring Systems, Alignment Sensors, Speed Switches, Temperature Sensors, Level Indicators, Safety Switches, and Alarms & Displays!

For more information please contact us at info@neu-lite.com

Climate Control Systems Inc. has been manufacturing greenhouse automation systems since 1985

Our greenhouse automation software and solutions help achieve a better crop while saving precious grower time. Our 3 main solutions are the Fertigation Manager™, Climate Manager™ and Ozone Pro Water Treatment™ Systems. These products are designed to help greenhouse owners maximize crop yields, help manage energy costs and help with water & fertilizer conservation.

With major technology advancements in water sterilization and water recycling we are able to help commercial greenhouse growers to achieve considerable savings on water and fertilizer costs and at the same time meet environmental regulations.

We are proud to achieve these milestones as we see the need for environmental greenhouse controls to increase in the future. Our systems have been installed in many countries abroad and in North America.

For more information on these systems contact us at: controls@neu-lite.com

Caseta by Lutron is a simple, cost-effective, yet powerful home automation system 

It features the ability to control your lights, sound system and more all from the convenience of your smartphone!

For more information on home automation solutions contact us at info@neu-lite.com

Neu-Lite Electric Inc and our staff are proud supporters of many local organizations and charities. Whether it’s a monetary donation, coaching a sports team, or being involved in a community project, we are proud to give back to the same community that supports our business and develops our future generations.


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