What exactly is an electrical check?

Your household has an electrical system comprising of different gadgets and wiring. With every passing day, the efficiency of the system diminishes. It could be accelerated by weather conditions, the load on the electrical system and many other factors. An electrical check can confirm if there needs to be an overhauling of the electrical system to avoid any indirect damage to your electrical gadgets culminating into something more catastrophic. Every electrician carries out a home electrical check with the National Electric Code as the minimum standard.

Before we take a look at what is involved in an electrical check, an insight into the benefits of this procedure is necessary. Below are some of the benefits of such a check:

  1. Locate lurking fire hazards.
  2. Pick out possible flaws in the electrical system.
  3. Confirm if the electrical system is overloaded or not.
  4. Assess the safety of specific wiring and appliances currently in use within the home.

During a home electrical check, the condition of the entire electrical system is assessed using provincial and federal safety standards.

An electrical check will confirm if the electrical appliances are in good condition, compatible with the electrical system in use, and the durability of these appliances. This inspection will scrutinize electrical fittings including switches, sockets, and wiring.

Caution: Hire only certified electricians to handle an electrical inspection.

When is the right time for an electrical check on your home?

One of the hardest decisions when contemplating an electrical inspection would be when you want it done. There is no specific time frame for having an electrical inspection. An electrical check should be carried out at least within ten years if the property is self-owned. For rented properties, a minimum of 5 years is necessary. But if the property has a significant need for power due to the presence of amenities such as a swimming pool, an annual electrical inspection is in order.

However, if you believe something is amiss with the electrical wiring in your home, you can request an electrical inspection immediately. A delay could be dangerous and expensive.

An electrical inspection report

Following the assessment of your electrical system, a report on the condition of the system is provided by the expert. This report highlights the state of the system; if there are any faults, poor practices detected and high-risk wiring identified.

If the electric check brings up terrifying red flags, the experts will suggest the next line of action, and this should be carried out swiftly. Fire hazards and electric shocks are often caused by the lack of an efficient electrical inspection.

Final Verdict

Being pennywise and palm foolish has never saved anyone. An electrical inspection might cause some financial strain, but it helps avoid the avoidable. You shouldn’t have to wait until a disaster happens before doing the needful.